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Jonnie Schmitz

Customer Sales Executive Hershey Salty Snacks, CSE National C-Store

“Very appreciative of your hard work and dedication towards the Dot’s brand! You were a huge part of something that will never be replicated!!”

– Jonnie Schmitz

Jill Neaves


If you are considering doing business with Wayne Fisher and his outstanding team at Ascending Brands, you have made the right choice! He is an elite individual with an incredible amount of actionable experience, dedication and determination.

I first met Wayne when I started with Core-Mark, Inc. six years ago. About half way through my career with the company, I applied and interviewed to be his Sales Assistant. During that time, I really got to know him, and witnessed his brilliance, “work smart, not hard” mentality and exemplary attitude. Wayne is a captivating leader; people elect to follow him.

Wayne has a passion for cultivating relationships, discovering potential and encouraging growth. He has a keen understanding for people, business and success! He exemplifies a high standard of professionalism, while capturing the essence of delight in his work. He will “go the extra mile” for you and your goals!

Personally, I consider Wayne a mentor and a friend. I am grateful for the years that I worked for him, and the years to come working with him.

– Jill Neaves

Bill Perry


 I have known Wayne Fisher for several years since he was hired as General Sales Manager at Core-Mark Corona. Wayne is the total professional always prepared for anything that came his way. His skill in communicating with the sales team as a teacher and mentor was the best that I have been around in my 53 years in the convenience store distribution business. I worked with Wayne on many high profile customers and his sales skills and relationship building were on par with the best account managers I have ever worked with.

Wayne is starting a new venture and I would feel very confident trusting Wayne and his team to represent any product or service that needs his skills. Wayne having been in the convenience industry for years with Core-Mark and 7-11 has built relationships that no one person can match. 

– Bill Perry

Tony Casarez

Multiple Store Operator

Wayne Fisher, is a high level thinker who is committed to the success of the product cycle. Wayne uses his powerful communication and sales skills to ensure that any goal is achieved. As a customer, Wayne takes not only my needs into consideration, but also works feverishly to address any concerns I may have until satisfaction is complete.

– Tony Casarez

2015 Best of the best

Outstanding individuals who have put their hearts and souls into creating a successful company and a wonderful place to work.

Wayne Fisher began his career with Core-Mark in 2008 when he was hired to be the General Sales Manager in one of our largest DC's, so unlike many who have been promoted from within he had a rather significant learning curve ahead of him. It is because of his hard work and dedication over the years that we get to acknowledge him for his outstanding achievements in 2015. A great deal of Wayne's focus in 2015 was on the Sales Team Structure and his people. He made a concerted effort to surround himself with the best via the recruitment and training efforts for some new talent, as well as making some needed realignment decisions. He takes pride in having a hand in the development and training of Dan Kelley and Mark Castellanos - whom are now off to bigger and better things for the company and he's quick to say he has two more up and coming GSM's in the works who he has recruited, hired and is now training. In 2015, he ' implemented a new incentive program titled "Core-Score"- a name in lights strategy, ranking system focusing on the core-strategies and sales metrics in aneffo1t to meet or exceed our company standards.
Core-Mark: Best of The Best

Pervez Pir

 Chief Operating Officer, Multi-Store Operator

I have known Wayne for about 10 years and our first meeting was during my time at 7-Eleven. He has always been someone who is a self-starter and a leader when it comes to the industry. He is progressive in his approach and thinks outside of the box which allows him to beat the competition. In his role at Core Mark he helped us find efficiencies that improved our overall margin and profitability. Wayne is someone I consider a friend and peer.

– Pervez Pir

Prince Singh

Multiple 7-Eleven Store Franchisee

Wayne is a man of his word. He is punctual, organized and goes the extra step to look for perfection. Wayne gives 100% to his work as well as to the people he works with.

– Prince Singh

Bassi Navdeep

Multiple 7-Eleven Store Franchisee

I have known Wayne for about 20 years and had the pleasure to work with him often as a 7-Eleven Franchisee. I can assure you that he is expertly skilled in the areas of merchandising, communication, professionalism and analytics.

Everything he does is to perfection.

– Bassi Navdeep